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2 Days tour Delphi – Kalambaka – Meteora

An opportunity to see two magnificent places at once is here. Early in the morning starts our adventure from Athens direction Delphi. It is a trip which takes circa 3 hours including a quick stop in the midway for a coffee. We drive through the beautiful village of Arachova before reaching the Archaeological Site of Delphi.There we can visit the interesting Museum and the mysterious landscape of the Archaeological site of Delphi. Afterwards we are ready to drive to next traditional tavern for lunch. After 1,5 hours driving we arrive in Thermopyles to see the monument of Leonidas.
Then we need another 2 hours driving till we arrive at our hotel in Kalambaka, where we are going to check in overnight.It is 18.30 in the afternoon. Enough time for having a shower and be ready for a nice dinner. A walk in the town would not be a bad idea.
Next morning, after having our breakfast we drive up to the Gigantic rocks to admire the magnificent view and the artistic Byzantine Monasteries of the famous Meteora.
Visiting Meteora takes about 3 hours time, depending on how many monasteries you wish to visit.
Returning back to Athens to your hotel will take approx 6 hours, including predicted break for lunch and stops.
Of course this tour, as anyone else, can be customised upon clients wish.





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