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5 days classical tour



It may sounds classical but, it is unforgettable!!!

Money value tour for those who wish to see more in less time. Different cultures in the same country, various sites from ancient ages and the beautiful country side in addition with the famous hospitality of the local people, will make an unrepeatable experience for you.

1st day. Athens-Kalambaka. The great excursion begins from your hotel early in the morning with direction to northern Greece. After 2½ hours driving we reach the monument of Spartans in Thermopiles. It is a nice place for making a break and shoot some photos’ there. Then, after 30min driving we will leave the motorway and drive to the country side, direction to Kalampaka. In the midway we can stop for a quick lunch. Now we are only 1½ hour driving for our first check in the hotel in the city of Kalambaka or the surrounding area. Kalambaka is a small beautiful town, very close to Meteora and there is plenty of time to enjoy a diner, a drink or just a walk around.

Highlights 1st day.

  • Thermopiles Monument (Leonidas Statue)
  • Country side (Lamia-Trikala-Karditsa)
  • Town of Kalambaka


2nd day. Meteora-Delphi. Next morning, after having our breakfast we drive up to the gigantic rocks to admire the magnificent view and the artistic Byzantine Monasteries of the famous Meteora. Visiting Meteora takes about 3 hours’ time, depending on how many monasteries you wish to visit.

After this great experience of the hanging Monasteries, we are ready to drive to our next target, what else? Delphi! In the midway we make a stop for lunch. The route we follow this time is very interesting because it is along the mountain, uphill’s and downhills across the ravines of Parnassus Mountain. A mountain with very big history, where the village and the Oracle of Delphi, are located. The driving from Meteora to Delphi takes about 3½ hours. After the check-in, in the hotel, you have free time to enjoy your dinner and possibly a walk along the alleys of the nice village of Delphi. The climate there is perfect and one hour sleep counts double.

Highlights 2nd day.

  • Meteora Monasteries
  • Parnassus Mountain
  • Delphi village


3rd day. Delphi-Ancient Olympia. Breakfast again and then drive to visit the Museum and the Archaeological site of Delphi. A guided visit takes 2-2½hours time. After visiting the site, we are ready to take the long drive direction to Ancient Olympia. The lunch will take place after approx. 2 hours driving in the beautiful small town of Naupactus. This route, is also a very nice one, along the southern coast of Central Greece. Naupactus is the last point before crossing the magnificent bridge Rio-Antirio on our way to Peloponnese. By leaving the bridge we meet Rio and after this the city of Patras. After 1½ hour driving we are doing our third check-in, in the hotel in Olympia village. Olympia is a small nice village with one of the biggest and most famous archaeological sites and monuments.

Take your time and relax. Tomorrow is a big day!

Highlights 3rd day.

  • Archaeological site of Delphi
  • Oracle of Delphi
  • Temple of Apollon
  • Museum of Delphi
  • Galaxidi-Naupactus
  • Bridge Rio-Antirio
  • Olympia village


4th day. Ancient Olympia-Nafplio . Prepare yourself to admire Ancient Olympia and its Museum. A quick pass along the Temples, Stadiums and the Museum will take about 2½ hours’ time. This is the holy place where the Ancient Olympic Games have been taking part every four years. During the Games even wars were stopping. It was a great honor even to be able and be there, at that time. After we lived this experience and had lunch, we are ready to go on and drive with direction to Nafplio. This drive will take about 2½ hours till we reach the city of Nafplio. Nafplio is one of the nicest cities and the first Capital City of Greece (before Athens). After the check-in there, you have many choices to spend a very romantic night. An option is to take the boat and visit the Castle of Bourtzi, which is located on a very small island in the middle of the Gulf of Argolis, very close to the city of Nafplio.

Highlights 4th day.

  • Archaeological site (Olympic Stadiums, Temples etc.)
  • Museum of Ancient Olympia
  • City of Nafplio, Bourtzi Castle.


5th day. Nafplio-Epidaurus-Mycenae-Isthmus. Today, is also a very busy day. After the breakfast we drive up to Palamidi Castle to visit the Old Castle and admire the magnificent view of the Gulf of Argolis. Then we visit the very famous Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. After visiting the Theater we drive to visit the Archaeological site of Mycenae. Lunch will follow after visiting the excavations of one of the oldest civilizations of the world. By finishing our lunch we take direction on our way back to Athens. In the midway we make a stop to make some pictures of the Chanel of Corinth. One hour has been left till the end of our unforgettable tour!

Highlights 5th day.

  • Palamidi Castle
  • Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  • Mycenae (Archaeological site, Museum, Treasury of Atreus)
  • Chanel of Isthmus


The tour can be extended by one day and visit Sparta-Mystras

  • Providing Mercedes Limo VIP minibus-minivans.
  • Professional English speaking drivers.
  • Licensed professional guides upon request.

Schedule and program can be modified according your wishes.



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